Every situation is unique and each business different. Therefore, any strategic approach must be customized to the circumstances at hand. However, at the heart of InnerVision is the belief that good people want to do great work and do it in a community of others who are dedicated to a common goal. Although the logistics and industries change, the model is consistent and is outlined as follows:

A typical coaching assignment extends from six to eighteen months and, while the specific program is always customized to the unique needs of the business, including:

  • On-site coaching visits – The purpose is to assess progress against strategic objectives and provide resources/support work with individuals and small groups to address roadblocks that are inhibiting growth. Each visit will conclude with an “Observation and Opinion” summary report, including recommended action items. The length and frequency of these visits are predicated on the circumstances and whether in town (Milwaukee area) or out-of-town.
  • One-on-One coaching – Ongoing correspondence with key individuals maintained to monitor and support the development of the executive management level of the Business. Included is a minimum of one 60-minute, monthly telephone conversation for personal perspective on updates and concerns.
  • E-Coaching – unlimited email/telephone communication and consultation with all Direct Reports of Executives, including mandatory monthly, summary email on progress against personal and business goals.
  • Open access to progress updates – on monthly basis, BLC receives copy of appropriate Financial Reports, Strategic Plans/Objectives and Meeting Notes/Action Plans to be an active observer of documents that monitor progress.
  • Open invitation to meetings – when on-site, BLC has open access to all meetings that do not contain non-disclosure, confidential information or at the sole discretion of the meeting leader.



Program participants are all Leaders/Managers and other personnel in the operating unit. Primary emphasis is on Leadership in the Organization, including:

  • Executive Management – Executive Coaching in the broader role of Strategist for ambitious growth objectives and Leader in the development of a Team-based Organization with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Senior Managers – Executive Coaching for those responsible for success of daily Operations and committed to the “coaching” style of leadership in the role of “Manager of the Managers.”


Secondary focus is on all Direct Reports, including:

  • Peer-group of Department/Project Managers who accept an ownership and accountable to defined goals and processes for maximizing the profitability and efficiency of their “business within the Business.”
  • All personnel with direct line of communication with Executive Management