As with the work of a Business Leadership Coach, the role of Mediator requires a commitment to effective relationships with the participants in the dispute, yet different.  The following are the characteristics that are requested in these interactions:

  • Truth.  Just the facts please.  A mediation room is no place for anything less and the disputants deserve the truth at this point.
  • Historic.  Everyone has a story and yours will be heard.  We are in this situation because of where we have been, so let your truth be heard.
  • Intuition.  Sometimes that gut reaction just seems correct, regardless of the logic of our conscious thought.  Listen to your instincts when deciding your position.
  • No Losers.  The goal of mediation is to define an acceptable solution, even if the prime motive is closure to an annoyance.  There is a reason why it is called a “Settlement Agreement.”
  • Kindness.  At all times be respectful, courteous, patient, understanding and more…  At the core of all these is kindness.  Please be kind to one another!