My mission as a Mediator is helping the parties define the common ground to accept a voluntary settlement of  their dispute.  Too often, the expectation is the mediator will determine the solution to the dispute, but that is more the role of an arbitrator.  Mediation works best when the disputants are committed to a resolution, but just cannot seem to define one.  The Mediator offers an objective observation to the circumstance, while facilitating a process to a settlement agreement between the parties.

This process can include the following steps:

  • Introduction – a telephone conversation to review circumstances to date, the role of Mediator and typical  schedule for the mediation
  • Opening Meeting- in-person session to sign Agreement to Mediate, review ground rules and provide the time to hear each person’s perspective on the situation
  • Follow-up session – in-person session to discuss further perspectives, explore settlement options, review common understandings and determine acceptable outcomes
  • Conclusion – in-person review of Settlement Agreement and secure signatures of document to finalize mediation