Why a Business Leadership Coach?

An effective Business Leadership Coach (BLC) helps achieve the productivity, profitability and accountability of the business by influencing and improving how Leaders manage their work, their people and themselves.

InnerVision’s approach is to coach the adherence to the principles of a traditional business model and the leadership behaviors that increase the effectiveness of the working relationships among all employees.  The result is personal ownership of the responsibilities for the success of each person and the business.

A Leader’s single most important responsibility today is to foster a collaborative workplace that achieves results.  Leadership founded in trust and respect will enable the emergence of responsive, adaptable and creative Organizations.  InnerVision is based on the premise that people know what to do, but they no longer listen to their own instincts and knowledge.  Your BLC will offer a mirrored-reflection observation of the circumstances and an objective perspective to the alternative solutions.

In this day and age of “finding the magic pill” in the latest trendy book or seminar, InnerVision suggests it is “less about teaching new practices and more about practicing new teachings” that have been introduced to business.  The challenge is implementation.  Our emphasis is on adapting these principles within the framework of daily operations by participating in “real time” activities/meetings and coaching concurrently.

Following an established business process, InnerVision’s objective is to define and manifest leadership that uses “coaching” as a management style dedicated to the development of a TEAM approach that is successful by providing:

  • Clear and decisive direction
  • Allocation of resources tools, funding and personnel
  • Support to improve business and staff capabilities and accomplishments
  • Status of “where we are” both financially and as a group at all times

It is often said that “people are our most valuable asset,” but too many work environments stifle their creativity and self-expression.  Releasing the unintended consequences of these passive choices is critical to the ability of each individual to own his or her personal contribution.  Through hands-on coaching/role modeling, your BLC is a confidant to explore and challenge any reluctance or hurdles to success.

InnerVision offers guidance in rethinking the role of Leaders, developing “invisible,” yet inspiring leadership that produces results.  It is powerful work that transforms one person at a time, one team at a time and one Organization at a time.