Business Leadership Coach (BLC)

Coaching people and business to manifest their dreams

  • Business – improve operational productivity and efficiencies by reinforcing the best practices and principles of today’s business environment
  • Leadership – guide the development of one’s personal leadership model and their ability to do the same for others
  • Coach – use coaching as a management style focusing on a team of self-directed and accountable, high-performers who are committed to their collective success

Core Philosophy/Principle of Work

Life Is Perfect as it reflects the choices made.  To attain new outcomes, make new choices.

Niche: preferred audiences

Uniquely applicable to leaders in all positions and the people they influence – operational, departmental, project and individual – who are ready to take action.

Coaching–Communication Style

  • Serves as a model to emulate – it will feel approachable
  • Is poignant to responsible/accountable leadership – it will feel forward
  • Mirrors the choices being made – it will feel “real”
  • Is reflective in nature – it will feel thoughtful
  • Offers “permission” to make new choices – it will feel freeing and hopeful
  • And; it is hands-on… – it will feel supportive

Coaching Model

The Business Leadership Coach interjects coaching within a process to:

  1. Define desired outcomes
  2. Assess current state and status
  3. Establish clear and decisive direction
  4. Identify resources/expertise needed
  5. Establish plan for review and recommendations

To facilitate coaching, the BLC incorporates simple:

  • Operating practices to reinforce and challenge strategies to achieve desired goals
  • Tools, theories and reflections to support desired behaviors

The structure and accountability of BLC work is reliant on various alternatives:

  • On-site visits to offer “real-time” coaching within the context of naturally occurring group meetings and scheduled one-one-one coaching sessions
  • E-coaching offers regular email and telephone coaching moments to involved leaders
  • Observation and Opinion reports provide progress updates and recommendations
  • Documented time to underscore guarantee to under-promise and over-deliver