Life Is Perfect

Three simple words, yet powerful and life changing.  These words are the cornerstone of the work of InnerVision for they represent the ONLY truth that is held as absolute – everything else is negotiable.  Life Is Perfect!  Absolutely true, all of the time!  It often stimulates an interesting reaction.

Some look at it as a sort of Utopia — an idealistic, carefree, get-whatever-you-want expression of life based on selfish and greedy excess.  That’s not reality, it is Utopia.  But this truth is NOT Life Is Utopia, it is Life Is Perfect.

Others, of course, ask what is perfect about life when it is filled with tragedy, misery and pain as seen in everyday life for so many.  How can that life be perfect?  Certainly the hardships that some people endure seem unbearable and UNFAIR.  But even these people, some of who have faced the most extreme of circumstances and have somehow found the courage, strength and wisdom to overcome, will tell you their darkest hour was the same point in time when they saw the brightest light and they took action.

Life Is Perfect has nothing to do with the quality, quantity or judgment of what a life is.  Rather it is an acceptance that life is what life is.  Regardless, what matters is what you do next.  For that will affect what happens after that and that is where the real power of influence exists – in understanding the impact we have on what we experience.

Once that is accepted, we can each begin to live a life of perfection, a life as we want it because it is a life of choice, not of circumstances.  Then one’s existence can be their greatest self-expression and they can experience only what they imagine.  And when the images become clear in the mind’s imagination, they start to manifest in life as well.

Then when you bump your head, don’t wonder why it HAD to happen to you, simply ask yourself, “Now why did I want to experience that?”

Life is perfect…